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5 steps every person should take if you find yourself in a car accident

The adrenaline’s pumping, you’re in shock, you’re confused, and you’re injured.  You’ve just found yourself in a car accident. What do you do now?

  1. CALL 911 You should always, first and foremost, call for help.  Either the police or ambulance, or both.  It is important that you get help to the scene of your accident as soon as possible as your injuries could require immediate attention.  In addition, a police officer should be summoned as this is the person who will document the official report of the accident, how it occurred, and whom they deem to be at fault.
  2. TAKE PICTURES If your injuries allow and only if it is safe to do so, take pictures of the scene of the accident and the placement of the vehicles.  Get pictures of the damage to your vehicle and the damage to any other vehicles involved in the accident.  This evidence is important when it comes to making a determination of who is at fault for causing the collision.
  3. SECURE WITNESSES   If available, secure the names, phone numbers, and addresses to any witnesses who may have viewed the accident.  This is critical because, often times, many auto accident claims boil down to a “he says, she says” version of events that are completely opposite of one another.  If you’re able to secure a witness, who has no interest, financial or otherwise, in the outcome of your case, to verify your version of the facts, you have a much better chance of being successful in your personal injury claim.  Without the other driver being found liable, you’re injuries will likely not be compensated by their insurance company.
  4. CALL ME At your earliest convenience, call your personal injury lawyer!  We are always available to take your call, accept your email, text, etc.  We will promptly schedule you for an appointment either at our office or at a location that is convenient for you. The sooner you employ us on your behalf, the more time we have to develop your case and preserve all available evidence.  Time is of the essence!
  5. SEEK TREATMENT FOR YOUR INJURIES No matter how good of a personal injury attorney that you have, without appropriate documentation of your injuries, your case loses significant value.  I’m a lawyer, not a doctor! But I do know the best doctors, orthopedic surgeons, and chiropractors around and have relationships with many of them that will allow me to have you seen as quickly as possible after your auto accident, often times without you having to pay anything up front for their services. Clear, accurate, and irrefutable medical diagnosis of your injury is the surest way to get you the maximum amount possible for your injury.  Allow me, your personal injury lawyer, to get you the treatment you need, when you need it.

Take heed to the forgoing advice if you’re ever in the unfortunate circumstance of being involved in a car accident, and you will ensure that you have preserved your personal injury claim in a manner that will allow me, your personal injury lawyer, to attain the best results possible for you.