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Accident Claim: Do I have a case?

Just another typical day and suddenly… it happens!  Someone has hit your car and you are in complete disarray.  The emotions of the moment are overwhelming, your adrenaline is pumping, and you simply want to know, WHAT DO I DO NOW?

This is a feeling that hundreds, if not thousands, of Atlanta motorists endure each week.  Don’t fret! Your personal injury attorney is here to walk you through each step of your car accident claim.  But, how do you even know if you have a case that’s worth pursuing?  Call Roberts Personal Injury Attorneys for a free case evaluation!

We will, first, review the facts and circumstances surrounding your car accident.  We will gather all police reports and any witness contacts, if available.  If the other person involved in the collision has been cited with a traffic citation identifying them as the at-fault party, this bodes well for you in establishing liability and therefore starts to clear the path for you to recover for your damages.  Nonetheless, simply because the other party receives a citation does not automatically mean that they will be held liable for causing the collision.  Conversely, if YOU receive the citation for causing the collision, this alone does not mean that you are automatically at fault.  Police officers who write these citations are often times not witnesses to the accident itself and make a determination regarding who is at fault by virtue of the versions of events shared with them by the driver’s, any other witnesses available, and the physical evidence at the scene, i.e. placement of the vehicles, point of impact, etc.  There are many times when police officers are forced to change their version of events based on new or unknown evidence that was unavailable at the time of writing the original citation.

Therefore, it is vitally important to the success of your claim that you allow an experienced car accident injury lawyer evaluate your claim immediately, without delay.  As soon as we are allowed to begin investigating and compiling evidence in your favor, the greater the likelihood of a successful resolution to your injury claims.

Allow our personal injury attorneys to evaluate your claim immediately and determine if you have a claim that has a substantial likelihood of success.  And, remember, don’t try and evaluate your accident injury claim yourself, let the professionals at Roberts Personal Injury Attorneys be your claim evaluator.  After all, it costs you NOTHING for our expert evaluation.  Until next time, safe driving folks!