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Five Reasons Why You Should Hire a Personal Injury Lawyer: Advice for anyone who has ever been in an accident

Nobody wants to talk about it because no one ever anticipates being involved in an automobile accident. The fact of the matter is traffic crashes, injuries, and fatalities occur in every county in Georgia. Here are some things that everyone should be aware of if you should have the misfortune of being involved in a car accident.  You NEED representation from an experienced personal injury attorney.  Why is it not an option?

  1. The other driver’s insurance company is NOT your friend!  Sure, when they contact you for the first time after your horrific ordeal, they sound very friendly.  They will even inquire about the nature of your injuries, how you are coping, or if they can assist you with anything in the meantime.  Don’t fall for the sweet talk, anything and everything that you say is being recorded and will ultimately be used against you to defend any injury claim that you anticipate making.
  2. Chances are, you don’t know the law.  This is not a slight to you, it’s simply a fact, and the insurance company knows it.  In the same way that I wouldn’t attempt to diagnose myself with an injury or ailment because I’m not a doctor, you shouldn’t attempt to embark on your injury claim alone without the guidance of an experienced personal injury lawyer, like myself.
  3. Appropriate medical treatment is a necessity for success of your claim.  Your personal injury claim is foundationless without the appropriate medical diagnoses and treatment.  Only an experienced injury attorney will ensure that you are seen by the right medical professionals that will document and substantiate your injury clearly and correctly.  Our injury attorneys work daily with top rated medical professionals, often times on a lien basis (which means you pay nothing up front for your treatment), securing the necessary documentation needed to be successful in your injury claim.
  4. YOU WANT TO WIN! Simply stated, hiring an experienced personal injury attorney gives you a greater chance, exponentially, of winning your case.  The journey through an injury claim is fraught with pitfalls and valleys that, if unaware of, could wreck your chances of a successful recovery.
  5. You want to maximize your recovery (MORE MONEY!) Who doesn’t want the most money they can get from their injury case? If that’s not you, then I’m not your personal injury lawyer!  The bottom line is that money is the only means of compensating you for the pain, agony, and inconvenience that you have endured as a result of being injured by someone else’s negligence.  We don’t have a rewind button where we can wipe away the injuries that you have already suffered so, therefore, our injury lawyers like to show our clients the money.  The more, the better!