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Truck/Tractor Trailer Accident: What steps should you take?

If you have been involved in a big truck or tractor trailer accident in Atlanta or anywhere in the state of Georgia, you should know that it is critical that you act fast in consulting a truck accident attorney.  Truck accidents present a different dynamic than other motor vehicle accidents involving cars.  There are many complexities involved in pursuing a truck driver, the company that owns the truck, and possibly the company that is in charge of upkeep on the truck.

Whereas in most motor vehicle accidents, the parties or drivers are clearly indicated, and there is no question as to who should be pursued for the injuries you have sustained.  It is quite different in the context of a truck accident.  There are many state and federal regulations that governs the maintenance and operation of truck or tractor trailer’s on the roads of the state of Georgia and it is imperative that you select a truck accident lawyer who is well versed in the law in this area.  Not only are there many state and federal regulations involved, but there also may be several negligent parties that have to be pursued simultaneously for the injuries that you have sustained.

It is imperative that you contact our attorneys as soon as possible to the time and date of the truck accident.  As your truck accident attorney, it is vitally important that I be allowed the opportunity to conduct a thorough investigation of the crash site and other circumstances surrounding the crash.  Why is this so important?  It’s important because the insurance companies for all potential parties (driver, maintenance company, owner, etc.) will, no doubt, be on the scene of the accident very quickly to conduct their own investigation in order to limit any potential liability that they may face.  Don’t delay in contacting your truck accident lawyer and give the insurance companies the upper hand.  And, by all means, never discuss your injuries or the circumstances of the truck accident with the insurance company or anyone else other than your injury attorney or your treating physicians.

In conclusion, if you have been involved in a truck/tractor trailer accident in Atlanta or anywhere in the state of Georgia, the process can be long and arduous, complicated and confusing.  That’s why you should call me immediately and allow Roberts Personal Injury Attorneys to begin working on your behalf immediately.  Stay safe Georgia!